Create Or Conquer is the world's first Create Your Own RPG World (tm) Website. By signing up for a Free User Account, you can play in a multitude of RPG Worlds ranging from fantasy to sci-fi to historical. You can also create your own RPG World and then invite your friends to play with you in the world of your creation!

Create Or Conquer is based on a traditional Pen & Paper RPG system. Users create Characters that are defined by various character points and stay alive by not losing all of their health points. Defeating monsters, crafting items or objects, pickng locks and probing for traps will give Characters experience to advance in power. Because Create Or Conquer is designed to be played from any browser in the world and contains persistent world elements, it is also considered to be a PBBG, or a Persistent Browser Base Game.

Create Or Conquer was created by Rob Dunsmuir in 2006 and through his dedication and hard work, a devoted following bloomed in the first Create Or Conquer World known as Malmon (Fantasy). Malmon was a fantasy inspired world with tens of thousands of player accounts created to date. The original game is available to play at

In 2010 Create Or Conquer was purchased by Promaginy for its Gamenigma stable of properties and a new development partnership was created. Promaginy's desire to streamline the user's experience and make the overall experience more enjoyable has led to a site redesign and various back-end improvements. Promaginy is committed to making Create Or Conquer the first destination for inspired amateur game designers and players who are looking for new content and a fun experience.