How Do I Switch Weapons in Battle?

You can switch weapon at anytime, in battle or not. To do this you’ll need a few weapons on your inventory. Simply click on the weapon you want to make your primary weapon. A pop up will appear asking you if you want to do that – click OK.

Ta Da! You’ve now set your new weapon! This is great if you have a weapon that deals a specific type of damage – like DmgLuck for example. You can use your DmgLuck weapon to beat down the monster’s luck skill. When the monster’s luck skill is at 0 (zero) it will constantly miss you, and now you can switch to your DmgHealth weapon and attack it to kill it!

You can’t use a DmgHealth (or Dmg… anything for that matter) on yourself. One HealHealth, etc types of items etc will affect you.

I’m Being Attacked! What Do I Do Now?

What?! Savage creatures living in Saralidan? NO?!

Ok, don’t worry. You can do two things.

1. Face Adversity head on – and Attack!

Click the Map icon to attack the creature. This will take you to the battle screen. See How To Battle

2. Run Like the Wind!

To flee, or avoid a battle – beacause you’re too busy gathering resources for your crafting… You can press any arrow key and then press the Z key to ignore the random attack.


Where Do I Get a Weapon?

243_54_083sYou can get basic weapons and supplies from a Vendor. A Vendor is a building that sells world items at inflated prices.

You can also get weapons from Merchants. Merchants sell other player items, usually at a lower price than a Vendor, and often quest items and other rare items.

You can also buy or find recipes to craft your own weapons. Player-made weapons do more damage and have more durability than Vendor-sold weapons.

Buying your First Weapon

476_short_swordSo you want to kill some stuff eh? Guess you’ll need a weapon for that.

There’s lots of different types of weapons in Saralidan, but you can only equip certain ones – depending on your Strength skill.

When you’re shopping for a weapon, visit a Vendor or a Merchant and look through the weapons. Check the DmgHealth value on each weapon. It needs to be equal to, or lower than your current Strength.

Example: Your current Strength is 14, and you find a Dagger that does 10 DmgHealth – can you use it?


Example: Your current Strength is 14, and you find a Bow that does 16 DmgHealth – can you use it?

No! Why? because the Bow’s DmgHealth value is greater than your Strength value.


See the image above? The flimsy Dagger does 7 DmgHealth, and my Strength is 13 – so I can easily equip this Dagger (it’s lousy, but it’s cheap)

How Do I Raise My Strength Skill?

So you want to raise your Strength? The Strength skill in the game is used only for attacking monsters. Having Strength skill at its highest value possible will ensure you are successful at wielding your most powerful attack weapon.

You can raise you Strength skill in a number of ways.

Healing your Strength

If your Strength skill has dropped down, you can visit a Tavern to heal it back up. There are also world items like, food, potion and magical items that will raise your Strength skill too.

Increasing your Strength Skill above its Maximum Value

It is possible to raise your Strength skill above its maximum value. The can be done using a armor item. Find, buy or make an armor item and equip it in your inventory. Simply by leaving the armor item in your inventory will automatically raise your Strength skill – if the armor item is set to raise that skill.

Remember: Your Strength skill dictates the maximum damage of an item you want to wield.

Example: Your current Strength is 16, and you have an Axe that does 18 dmgHealth. You won’t be able to wield the axe because it’s damage value is higher than your Strength value.

But… if you equip some armor that raises your Strength 10 points, to 26, you can now equip the Axe or an up than does damage up to 26 points.

How Your Stats Affect you in Battle

While in battle – when your stats go down, you’re affected in a few ways.

Health: Obviously, you’re dying…. so eating, drinking or using spells to heal yourself is wise. If you health falls to 0 (zero), you’ll have to leave the battle and go heal (and sulk…)

Fatigue: You’re growing tired. If your fatigue falls below half you will begin to miss more often when attacking. Replenish your fatigue, or keep it above half at all times – and you’ll have a better chance of hitting more often.

Strength: If your strength drops lower than the dmg value of your weapon – you won’t be able to equip it… so either keep a item to replenish your strength, or keep a spare weapon you can attack with that has a lower dmgHealth value.

Mind & Luck: Work the same as fatigue. If either of these values fall below half, you’ll tend to miss when attacking.

If any of your non-health skills fall to 0 (zero), you’ll have to leave the battle.

A Note about Monsters

These rules also apply for monsters – so if you can bring a monsters fatigue, strength, mind or luck down to below half, or even down to 0 (zero) – the monster will miss more (or miss you entirely).

Using a weapon that does one dmg type (eg: dmg Health), will mean you will constantly do damage to that stats. Using a weapon that damages multiple stats (dmgHealth 10, dmgFatigue 5, dmgStrength 2) means when you attack – the game will randomly pick a stats to attack based on your weapon. Hence why dmgHealth is the most popular weapon.