How Long will my Items stay for Sale on a Merchant?

When you put an item up for sale on a merchant, so you can sell it to other players – the item will stay for sale on the merchant for 3 days. Once the 3 days has passed, the item will be returned to your inventory or vault.

You can choose to re-sell the item, sell it to a Vendor, or trade it to a fellow player.

Where Do I Get a Weapon?

243_54_083sYou can get basic weapons and supplies from a Vendor. A Vendor is a building that sells world items at inflated prices.

You can also get weapons from Merchants. Merchants sell other player items, usually at a lower price than a Vendor, and often quest items and other rare items.

You can also buy or find recipes to craft your own weapons. Player-made weapons do more damage and have more durability than Vendor-sold weapons.

Buying your First Weapon

476_short_swordSo you want to kill some stuff eh? Guess you’ll need a weapon for that.

There’s lots of different types of weapons in Saralidan, but you can only equip certain ones – depending on your Strength skill.

When you’re shopping for a weapon, visit a Vendor or a Merchant and look through the weapons. Check the DmgHealth value on each weapon. It needs to be equal to, or lower than your current Strength.

Example: Your current Strength is 14, and you find a Dagger that does 10 DmgHealth – can you use it?


Example: Your current Strength is 14, and you find a Bow that does 16 DmgHealth – can you use it?

No! Why? because the Bow’s DmgHealth value is greater than your Strength value.


See the image above? The flimsy Dagger does 7 DmgHealth, and my Strength is 13 – so I can easily equip this Dagger (it’s lousy, but it’s cheap)

Where Can I Buy Stuff?

Ok, so you need to buy something – like a weapon? There’s a few ways to buy things in Saralidan.


Vendors are NPC buildings who sell items to players. The prices at Vendors are full price and usually expensive (they have to pay the rent somehow).

When you arrive at a Vendor, you’ll see items displayed for you, and Previous and Next buttons to view more items for sale.

Check how much Gold you have, this helps when buying stuff. You’ll only be able to buy items you have enough money for.

Mouse over each item and learn more about it. If it’s a weapon, make sure you can equip it (it’s DmgHealth is the same or less than your current Strength value). Compare the number of uses, etc to the price of other items – basically shop around 🙂

Click the Buy button under the item you want to buy. The amount of gold will be deducted from your player, and the item will be placed in your inventory.

Oh… make sure you have enough room in your inventory too… it helps. 🙂



Merchant are building where players can sell their items to other players. It’s free (for now) to sell your items. Items will be kept for sale for 7 days, then they will be returned to you if they don’t sell.

Items are shown in order of price. Mouse over an item to see its stats, number of uses, etc.

I recommend checking a Merchant first. Usually they will have better items than a Vendor. Plus player made items are better quality, have more uses and do more damage – compared to basic supply items.

Where Can I Sell Stuff?

You can sell stuff at two places in Saralidan.

Selling to Vendors

When you enter a Vendor you can click the ‘Sell’ link and be taken to the ‘Sell’ screen. The Sell screen will show all the item you have in your inventory. A Vendor will show you how much they are willing to pay for each item – and it’s not very much usually. Click the ‘Sell’ link under each item to sell it. Gold will be added to your inventory.

Selling to Vendors is a great way to make ‘instant cash’ if you need some money in a pinch.

Selling to Merchants

When you enter a Merchant you can click the ‘Sell’ link and be taken to the ‘Sell’ screen. The Sell screen will show all the item you have in your inventory.  A Merchant Sell screen will have a field (for your selling price) and a ‘Sell’ button under each of your items. You can enter the amount you wish to sell your item for, and click the Sell button.

Selling items at a Merchant means other players can browse the items and buy them. Selling items at a Merchant is a way to get bigger amounts of money, but not right away. It can take from a few hours – to a few days to sell items on a merchant. It all depends on supply & demand (or price of your item).

Items sold on a merchant will be returned to the seller after 7 days (if they don’t sell). Items will be returned to your inventory.

What is a Merchant?

This building will allow you to buy items from a world Merchant. Merchants sell player items at prices posted by other players. If an item is not available at a Merchant, it might be available at a Vendor. Players may sell Quest items and other items at a Merchant to be bought by other players.

Buy Items
To buy an item from a Merchant, click the Buy link under the item. You will be asked to confirm buying the item. If you do not have enough money to afford an item, the Buy link will not be present. Money will be deducted from your character and given to the player who is selling the item.

Sell Items
To sell an item, click the ‘Sell Items’ link and fill in your price (please use whole numbers, no decimal values). This screen will show your current inventory. Under each of your items will be a field for you to enter a sale price, and a ‘Sell’ button. Enter your sale price and click the Sell button to sell the item. You will be prompted to confirm the sale of the item. There is no charge to sell items to a Merchant.

Each Merchant has different set of items for sale, so be sure to travel the world and check each Merchant.