How Do I Heal?

So you got hurt eh? Took a tumble in battle and need to mend your wounds?

There are a number of ways to heal in Saralidan

1. A Tavern

A Tavern is the most basic way to heal, and takes the most time. In Village Grodo, there is a Tavern called ‘The Rusty Spear’. When you enter the tavern you’ll see it’s a real-time chatroom. So while you’re healing you can connect with other players.

While in a Tavern, you heal 10 points every 30 seconds. So, if your full health is 60 and you’re currently at 26, you need to heal 34 points – that will take you about 2 minutes.

A Tavern is a great place to drop a comment about items you’re looking for, etc – others will visit the Tavern and could send you a PM (private message).

Oh.. and click the ‘refresh’ link in your Inventory window (or wait for your Character panel to refresh) to see your stats increase. When you’re full health again – get back on that horse!

2. Eating Food, Drink Potions, Cast Spells

The real way to heal in Saralidan is by eating food, drinking potions, using magic items or spells to heal yourself while in battle. Having to go back to a Tavern every time you get yourself hurt will take a long time to rack up that experience (XP).

You can make your own food, potions, spells – or buy them from Saralidan Vendors or Merchants.