How Do I Ignore a Player?

Want to ignore someone? Click the Messages icon , and visit your Friends List. You’ll see the ‘Ignore’ link, click it to ignore the player. You’ll be asked to confirm your action.

Once you have a player ignored you won’t receive any messages to your Inbox from their character.

If you make up, you can add the player as a friend again (re-add them to your list), and you will be able to receive messages from them again.

How Do I Start a Group/Party with my Friend?

To create a party, first visit your Friends List (click your Messages icon , and click the Friends List link).

View your list of friends and click ‘Party’ beside each of their names. Each friend will receive a message inviting them to join your party. Since you started the party – you are party ‘leader’.

Each friend will either ‘accept’ or ‘decline’ the party invitation. You will receive messages either way.

Once your friends have joined your party, you can use Party Chat to communicate privately to your party members.

As party leader, you will receive all drop items. You can trade items to other players at anytime.

In order to battle together, your party members will need to be in the same building/area as you where you are fighting the monster in order to share in XP/Money when the monster dies.

If a party member is absent from the area when the monster dies, they will not get their share of the xp/money.

To leave your party, click the ‘disband’ link to remove yourself and all your party members. Party members can leave a party in a similar way, by clicking the ‘leave’ link.

How Do I Delete a Friend from my Friend List?

To delete a friend from your Friends List, you’ll need to access your Messages section. Click your Messages icon and click Friends List. Beside each of your friend’s name is a ‘delete’ link. Click this link to delete the friend from your list. Your friend will not be notified that they have been deleted.

Ignoring messages is not possible at this time – we are adding this functionality. Please comment here if you would like to see the ‘ignore’ feature bumped up the list of things to do.

How Do I Send Money to my Friend?

To send money to your friend, click the Messages icon and click on Friends List. Click the Donate link beside your friend’s name. Enter the amount (in whole numbers) that you wish to donate to your friend.

Example: if you want to donate 50 gold pieces, enter ’50’ into the donate field.

Click the Donate button to send the money. You will receive a ‘receipt’, and your friend will receive the money and a message from you.

How Do I Send a Personal Message to Another Player

Click the Messages icon  to visit your Inbox. If your friend has already sent you a message, you can click the Reply link beside the message to reply.

To start a new message to a friend, click the Friends List link at the top of the Inbox screen. This will show you 10 friends per page. Click the Send Msg link for the friend you wish to send a message to.

When sending a message, you’ll need to enter a message subject, and message content. HTML is not allowed in messages – please use plain text and standard characters.

If you receive an offensive message, please advise Eliia by sending her a copy of the message.

Players found sending offensive messages will be warned, inflicted with disease, and/or have their accounts terminated. Please play nice 🙂

How Do I Trade with Other Players?

You can trade items with other players if they are on your Friends List. Click the Messages icon  and at the top of the Inbox screen is your Friends List link.

When viewing your Friends List you’ll need a few different links:

  • Send Msg
  • Delete
  • Donate
  • Party
  • Trade
  • Ignore

Click Trade to view your current inventory items. Click the Trade link under the item(s) you wish to trade/give to your friend.