How Do I Enter a Building?

When you first start R2RG, you start at the Wharf. There’s a building just off the path as you leave the wharf. If you walk up to the building, and step on the ‘doormat’ (the funky arrow icon thingy), you’ll get a pop up info box that tells you more about the building (or area etc).

If you decide to enter the building, click your Map icon (in the bottom right area of the game screen). This will take you into the buidling so you can interact with the NPC inside.


How Do I Heal?

So you got hurt eh? Took a tumble in battle and need to mend your wounds?

There are a number of ways to heal in Saralidan

1. A Tavern

A Tavern is the most basic way to heal, and takes the most time. In Village Grodo, there is a Tavern called ‘The Rusty Spear’. When you enter the tavern you’ll see it’s a real-time chatroom. So while you’re healing you can connect with other players.

While in a Tavern, you heal 10 points every 30 seconds. So, if your full health is 60 and you’re currently at 26, you need to heal 34 points – that will take you about 2 minutes.

A Tavern is a great place to drop a comment about items you’re looking for, etc – others will visit the Tavern and could send you a PM (private message).

Oh.. and click the ‘refresh’ link in your Inventory window (or wait for your Character panel to refresh) to see your stats increase. When you’re full health again – get back on that horse!

2. Eating Food, Drink Potions, Cast Spells

The real way to heal in Saralidan is by eating food, drinking potions, using magic items or spells to heal yourself while in battle. Having to go back to a Tavern every time you get yourself hurt will take a long time to rack up that experience (XP).

You can make your own food, potions, spells – or buy them from Saralidan Vendors or Merchants.


How To Battle

So this is your first battle eh? Are you ready? Let’s have a quick huddle and go over your checklist

1. Got a Weapon?

Got a weapon? If not, better go buy a weapon. Or you can craft a weapon.

Once you have a weapon, you’re ready to fight.

2. Got Something to heal you?

Got some bread, a potion, a healing ring? If not, you can buy some bread. Or you can craft a healing spell.

Once you have something to heal you, you’re almost done.

Learn how to heal


When the battle screen starts out, you see the monster (a Giant Bat for this example). You can see its stats

Health:35; Fatigue: 35; Strength: 12; Mind: 8; Luck: 2

My stats are about the same, so I think I’ll do ok. If I have a healing item (I have some moldy bread… it’ll do) so atleast I can heal during battle.

How to Battle

Click the ‘Attack’ link in the battle screen. Watch the stats and messages that show up each time you click it. Also pay attention to your stats in your Character window.

As I’m fighting my health and fatigue are being affected. I see my health is getting low, so I click on my Moldy Bread item to eat a piece of it (yuck! but least it heals me a bit – wish I had a better healing item)

The battle will continue, and if you win, you’ll receive XP, maybe some gold, and maybe a reward item that is ‘dropped’ from the Giant Bat.

If you lose, meaning one of your stats reaches 0 (zero) or below zero (very rare), the battle will be over, and you’ll have to take the ‘walk of shame’ back to a Tavern to heal.


Buying your First Weapon

476_short_swordSo you want to kill some stuff eh? Guess you’ll need a weapon for that.

There’s lots of different types of weapons in Saralidan, but you can only equip certain ones – depending on your Strength skill.

When you’re shopping for a weapon, visit a Vendor or a Merchant and look through the weapons. Check the DmgHealth value on each weapon. It needs to be equal to, or lower than your current Strength.

Example: Your current Strength is 14, and you find a Dagger that does 10 DmgHealth – can you use it?


Example: Your current Strength is 14, and you find a Bow that does 16 DmgHealth – can you use it?

No! Why? because the Bow’s DmgHealth value is greater than your Strength value.


See the image above? The flimsy Dagger does 7 DmgHealth, and my Strength is 13 – so I can easily equip this Dagger (it’s lousy, but it’s cheap)

General Game Tips

Tip 1: Turn your speakers on – the game has sound. You can enable/disable sounds in the Sound Options section

Tip 2: Be careful! Don’t just wildly open crates and baskets – sometimes they are protected by harmful traps! If your stats get lowered too much, you won’t be able to interact within buildings. I recommend having some raise fatigue items on hand. There are lots of recipes around the world to make your own potions, or you can buy them from a Vendor/Merchant.

Tip 3: Some houses/rooms have monsters in them, so be careful! Look to buy or find a weapon to protect yourself.

Tip 4: If you run out of money, find a NPC player in the world who has a ‘free’ item. Free items are in containers that are not locked or trapped (eg: Enoi the Combat Trainer). You can collect these items and store them in your vault, and sell them to Vendors for instant money.

Tip 5: If any of your statistics hit 0 (or go below 0) you will be unable to act within buildings. You are still able to act within Vendors, Merchants, Crafthouses, Vaults and Player Chatrooms. You may need some player assistance, or the help of one of your other characters to get healed up.

Tip 6: If your fatigue statistic falls below half value, it will be 30% more difficult to pick locks or probe for traps. Keep your fatigue above half!

Tip 7: If you are trying to pick a lock or probe a trap and see the warning ‘too complex’ this means that you currently do not meet the minimum requirements to continue. Try raising your stats to their full values.

Tip 8: In order to complete a quest you may need to find an item, and return to the quest-giver. If you find the item and leave it in your vault – the quest giver will not see it in your inventory and will not complete the quest for you. Be sure to have quest items in your inventory when you plan on turning in/completing a quest.

Tip 9: Level increases are assigned every 1000 experience points earned. Health and fatigue stats are raised 10 points each level, and Strength, Mind and Luck skills are raised 2 points per level.

Tip 10: Chatrooms heal stats every 30 seconds – so spend some time in a chatroom to heal.