Welcome to Duvaina

CreateOrConquer.com is a webgame set in a dimension called Duvaina. It is a place where powerful Asuras create realms for their enjoyment and challenge. Opponents manifesting as Daemons test themselves against these realms. It is a world system of joyous feasts, battles, and adventure.

Picture of CoC Asura




Pic of CoC Daemon

CreateOrConquer.com is an interwoven tale of players taking on different roles as Creator/Asura and Conqueror/Daemon.

When you start the game, you are invited to be a Asura of your own RPG World. As the Asura you complete the quest to open up a new area that other players can play in and explore.

You can join another Asura’s game as a Daemon and set out to conquer the game as a RPG character thus completing the creation & conquering cycle of CreateOrConquer.com.

Official Launch of Create Or Conquer 1.5

CreateOrConquer.com has left Open Beta and version 1.5 is now considered completed.

CoC was established in 2006, at a time of PHP/MySQL webgames or PBBGs were new and very popular. In 2010 it was acquired by Gamenigma.com and was slowly improved over the next decade.

The changes to V1.5 are mostly behind the scenes and don’t touch the core play (for better and worse). What has been updated is a multitude of code improvements and a whole new narrative design.

While CoC won’t win awards for design, graphics, or crunchy RPG mechanics, it has a great narrative concept that I am proud of.

So jump in to the world of CreateOrConquer and experience an original game concept from 2006 that has been preserved and updated.


P.S. The original version 1.0 of CreateOrConquer.com is located here.

Beta Launch & Registrations

We are carrying on with Beta improvements of Create or Conquer v1.5 and because we are actively updating CoC and we have locked out new players from joining temporarily.

Any games you have created will be deleted as we update the system! We will provide updates to this status when CoC has become more stable.

We apologize for any inconvenience or disappointment this may cause.

Welcome to the new Create Or Conquer!

Are we ever excited to welcome you to the new Create Or Conquer website.

You will see a complete site redesign, new graphics, interface, and streamlined registration and world building systems. Creating an online RPG world has never been easier!

First of all, we are still actively testing this site and consider this launch to be an Open Beta launch so please sign up and start kicking the tires and give us feedback about what works and does not work. But don’t get too attached to what you create, because we will be resetting everything once the Open Beta period is over. We expect Open Beta to last for a while.

Second, the original Create Or Conquer site is still available to you. We are making it completely free to use, but we will not be updating or supporting it. If you have some patience and don’t mind the old interface, you can create an online RPG world without limit. Check it out at old.CreateOrConquer.com.

So please join us. There are worlds to be created and/or conquered!

Chris Billows
CreateOrConquer.com Team


Old CoC Posts

Happy 2012 New Year to everyone.

We will have some exciting news in 2012. We are going to be offering the ability to License the CoC RPG World Engine so that people who want to create their own worlds and make money will be possible. Details to follow soon.

We are also planning a new version of Create Or Conquer with a new interface. This new version will be hosted off its own domain name so it will not replace this site. Our aim is to have the beta launch by Summer 2012.

Keep tuned to this page for news and tips about how to get the most out of Create Or Conquer.

Thanks for your interest and support. All the best to you in 2012.

The Create Or Conquer Team
Chris & Rob



When CreateOrConquer.com was originally designed, it was a traditional RPG where players would enter the fantasy world of Malmon to battle monsters and accumulate oodles of treasure.

CreateOrConquer.com was then expanded to allow players to become mini-Dungeon Masters, when enough experience points were accumulated. These mini-DMs expanded the realm of Malmon and had a great time. Eventually the xp requirement was dropped and the ability to make completely new worlds was added on.

But to become a World Builder needed a new account to be setup because of how the site was programmed. Unfortunately this required a new account to be setup because of how the database was setup.

So players who wanted to just play, would do so through the original registration and sign up process which you see on the main page (located here). Other users who wanted to also build worlds had to setup a new World Builder account (located here). Both accounts need their own email confirmations.

This of course creates confusion for our users and we are sorry for it. The problem is being corrected with CreateOrConquer.com v2 which is being developed and should be ready for beta release by the end of the year. We’ll keep you posted here or signup for our newsletter (to the left) and we’ll announce it directly to you.



Welcome to Create Or Conquer!

We are so pleased to announce that CoC is now totally and completely FREE. Previously, all accounts were given 30 days free access and then received a monthly charge to continue playing.

But because Create Or Conquer is a great website and has attracted tens of thousands of interested people,  we shifted our focus. Instead of trying to get people to pay us directly, we have added more sponsor boxes and now instead ask that you frequent our sponsors by clicking on those links that are interesting to you.

You can further support us by telling all of your friends about Create Or Conquer. The more visitors we receive, the more we can continue to develop the Create Or Conquer universe and expand its features.



Create Or Conquer is the world’s first Create Your Own RPG World ™ Website. By signing up for a Free User Account, you can play in a multitude of RPG Worlds ranging from fantasy to sci-fi to historical. You can also create your own RPG World and then invite your friends to play with you in the world of your creation!

Create Or Conquer is based on a traditional Pen & Paper RPG system. Users create Characters that are defined by various character points and stay alive by not losing all of their health points. Defeating monsters, crafting items or objects, pickng locks and probing for traps will give Characters experience to advance in power. Because Create Or Conquer is designed to be played from any browser in the world and contains persistent world elements, it is also considered to be a PBBG, or a Persistent Browser Base Game.

Create Or Conquer was created by Rob Dunsmuir in 2006 and through his dedication and hard work, a devoted following bloomed in the first Create Or Conquer World known as Malmon (Fantasy). Malmon was a fantasy inspired world with tens of thousands of player accounts created to date.

In 2010 Create Or Conquer was purchased by Gamenigma and a new development plan was created. Gamenigma is committed to making Create Or Conquer the first destination for inspired amateur game designers and players who are looking for new content and a fun experience.



Here is a listing of the the top worlds of old.createorconquer.com (based on age and size).

Looking for a fully realized world to start playing? Enter the names of the following names  in the World Search function located in the character creation screen and then join in.

Glimpses of Entorais
ZIRAC7 (Sci-Fi)
Yugi Oh
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Souls
Ruffian Rabble
Black-Clad Ninjas Quest
American Wasteland
Conquer Empire
Calbrenth’s Journey
Crime Fire
Rouges And Villains
Chain Bladders: Rise of the true bloods
Against All Odds
Medieval Times
Dark Tales
Ninja Assassin
History Hiatus
Top Secret Agent
Hacker Syndicate
Escape from Alcatraz