How Do I Turn in a Quest for Reward?

To turn in a quest, you’ll first need to locate the item that the quest giver has asked you to return with.

For example: If you’re asked to return with a Bent Copper Lockpick, then go make or buy one, and return with the Bent Copper Lockpick in your inventory.

When you enter the building with the NPC who gave you the quest – the reward will automatically be given to you, and the item will be removed from your inventory.

All quests give XP as reward. Some quests give money.

How Do I Get a New Quest?

To get a quest, you first need to find an NPC (non player character) who will give you a quest.

Example: Fraak in Village Grodo asks you to find him a Bent Copper Lockpick.

When a new quest is available, and sound will play and the option to ‘accept’ the quest will be given to you. If you decide not to accept the quest, it will be available for you anytime you return to the building.

Once you accept a quest, an entry is added to your Quest Journal .