Welcome to Duvaina

CreateOrConquer.com is a webgame set in a dimension called Duvaina. It is a place where powerful Asuras create realms for their enjoyment and challenge. Opponents manifesting as Daemons test themselves against these realms. It is a world system of joyous feasts, battles, and adventure.

Picture of CoC Asura




Pic of CoC Daemon

CreateOrConquer.com is an interwoven tale of players taking on different roles as Creator/Asura and Conqueror/Daemon.

When you start the game, you are invited to be a Asura of your own RPG World. As the Asura you complete the quest to open up a new area that other players can play in and explore.

You can join another Asura’s game as a Daemon and set out to conquer the game as a RPG character thus completing the creation & conquering cycle of CreateOrConquer.com.