How Do I Make Money?

There are dozens of ways to make money. I’ll only scratch the surface of this topic and let you come up with other means

1. Finding free items and sell them to a Vendor

There are tons of free items in the world. Everything from resources, food, recipes, basic weapons – everything you can pick up and add to your inventory will have some basic worth. Selling these items to a Vendor will give you instant cash.

2. Craft Items and sell them on a Merchant to Other Players

Player crafted items are more valuable and have more ‘uses’ (durability) than basic world items.  Basic weapons only have 25 uses, when player crafted weapons have minimum uses started at 50. Selling your crafted items on a Merchant so other players can buy them – will yield you extra money. Starting players always need items or weapons, and some players just don’t want to spend time crafting.

3. Find Quest Items and Sell them on a Merchant to other Players

Some quest items may be very difficult to attain, so these items can command a hefty price at a Merchant.

Hence why the game is called Rags to Riches! Money can equal power. Money can buy better recipes to craft better weapons, armor and allow you to advance levels quicker than others. Being at a higher level means you can kill monsters that drop unique items, or drop larger amounts of gold.