How Do I Open Locks?

Picking locks is really pretty simple.

001First, you need a lockpick tool. You can buy the recipe at a vendor and make one. Or you can buy a lockpick tool from a merchant (if another player is selling one).

I recommend learning to make your own – crafting can come in handy.

When you enter a building and come across containers (door, boxes, crates, gates – you name it), it may be locked – so you’ll need to pick the lock – with your lockpick tool.  Sometimes container require a special item (not a key necessarily) so even though you have a lockpick tool, you still won’t be able to open it. The container may say it’s ‘locked’ but it actually requires another tool or item to open it.

To use your lockpick tool, just click the ‘Pick this lock?’ link. The screen will update and tell you if you picked the lock or not. If you unlock container, you’ll gain XP.  If you fail to pick the lock, you’ll be advised, and need to try again.

Containers can become locked or unlocked at any time. The ‘World Master’ can decide to lock anything as he wishes 🙂 So always have a lockpick tool handy.

Lockpick tools come in a variety of sizes. Basic lockpicks have 10 uses, some have 25, 50 and even 100 uses. Crafted lockpick tools have better durability.

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