How Do I Start a Group/Party with my Friend?

To create a party, first visit your Friends List (click your Messages icon , and click the Friends List link).

View your list of friends and click ‘Party’ beside each of their names. Each friend will receive a message inviting them to join your party. Since you started the party – you are party ‘leader’.

Each friend will either ‘accept’ or ‘decline’ the party invitation. You will receive messages either way.

Once your friends have joined your party, you can use Party Chat to communicate privately to your party members.

As party leader, you will receive all drop items. You can trade items to other players at anytime.

In order to battle together, your party members will need to be in the same building/area as you where you are fighting the monster in order to share in XP/Money when the monster dies.

If a party member is absent from the area when the monster dies, they will not get their share of the xp/money.

To leave your party, click the ‘disband’ link to remove yourself and all your party members. Party members can leave a party in a similar way, by clicking the ‘leave’ link.

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