Welcome to the new Create Or Conquer!

Are we ever excited to welcome you to the new Create Or Conquer website.

You will see a complete site redesign, new graphics, interface, and streamlined registration and world building systems. Creating an online RPG world has never been easier!

First of all, we are still actively testing this site and consider this launch to be an Open Beta launch so please sign up and start kicking the tires and give us feedback about what works and does not work. But don’t get too attached to what you create, because we will be resetting everything once the Open Beta period is over. We expect Open Beta to last for a while.

Second, the original Create Or Conquer site is still available to you. We are making it completely free to use, but we will not be updating or supporting it. If you have some patience and don’t mind the old interface, you can create an online RPG world without limit. Check it out at old.CreateOrConquer.com.

So please join us. There are worlds to be created and/or conquered!



Chris Billows
CreateOrConquer.com Team


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