What is a Vendor?

This building will allow you to buy items from a world Vendor. Vendors sell items at inflated prices. Vendors offer very low prices for your items. If an item is not available at a Merchant, it will may be available at a Vendor – if it’s a standard item (not a quest item). Quest items can be sold by players to a Vendor for instant cash, but a Vendor will not sell quest items back.

Selling to a Vendor is a great way to make instant cash!

Buy Items
To buy an item from a Vendor, click the Buy link under the item. You will be asked to confirm buying the item. If you do not have enough money to afford an item, the Buy link will not be present. Money will be deducted from your character when you buy an item.

Sell Items
To sell an item, click the ‘Sell Items’ link. This screen will show your current inventory. Under each of your items will be the price the Vendor is offering you, and a ‘Sell’ link. Click the Sell link to sell the item. You will be prompted to confirm the sale of the item. Money will be added to your character when you buy the item. There is no charge to sell items to a Vendor.

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