Where Can I Buy Stuff?

Ok, so you need to buy something – like a weapon? There’s a few ways to buy things in Saralidan.


Vendors are NPC buildings who sell items to players. The prices at Vendors are full price and usually expensive (they have to pay the rent somehow).

When you arrive at a Vendor, you’ll see items displayed for you, and Previous and Next buttons to view more items for sale.

Check how much Gold you have, this helps when buying stuff. You’ll only be able to buy items you have enough money for.

Mouse over each item and learn more about it. If it’s a weapon, make sure you can equip it (it’s DmgHealth is the same or less than your current Strength value). Compare the number of uses, etc to the price of other items – basically shop around 🙂

Click the Buy button under the item you want to buy. The amount of gold will be deducted from your player, and the item will be placed in your inventory.

Oh… make sure you have enough room in your inventory too… it helps. 🙂



Merchant are building where players can sell their items to other players. It’s free (for now) to sell your items. Items will be kept for sale for 7 days, then they will be returned to you if they don’t sell.

Items are shown in order of price. Mouse over an item to see its stats, number of uses, etc.

I recommend checking a Merchant first. Usually they will have better items than a Vendor. Plus player made items are better quality, have more uses and do more damage – compared to basic supply items.

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