Ready to unleash your imagination to have players experience a new exciting world to explore and conquer?

It is all possible when you create a FREE User Account on Create Or Conquer!

Here are 3 Steps to Begin Creating Worlds on CoC:

1) First you need to create a User Account or if you already have one, log in to it.



2) Once you are logged into your account, you then need to create an Asura, a persona that is your RPG World's God / King / Supreme Being / Dungeon Master. Your User Account comes with one FREE Asura Slot. You can create any kind of RPG World. A fantasy world with dragons and knights, a space adventure with aliens and robots, or anything else your imagination conjures up.

3) Create away! As a new Asura, you need to create Cities, Races, Streets, Rooms, Monsters, and Items for your players. For more information about how to create your RPG World, check out the Creator's Guide. Skillfully create your RPG World and you can rise to be one of the Top Creators.