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A Place To Test

A place to test my ideas out; not sure what to say...

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More info to come.

Thank you Chris for inviting others to suggest a topic for your Virtuous Cyborg project and thank you for your treatment of my suggestion on nostalgia. Your post elicited my own nostalgic experience. It is as if you mentioning Micronauts acted as a chemical trail to other memories such other action figures, comics, Choose Your Own Adventure, D&D, and Fighting Fantasy. I remember vividly being at home during the summer break in 1982, lying on a bed, watching music videos on a small box television, and playing Final Fantasy/Sorcery books. It was one of those moments in time that is seared in my mind and brings a smile. Thinking about the past in this way initiates a sub-routine program in myself. This is not simply a bunch of electrons firing off, there is an actual change in my mood which has been documented in people who are exposed to nostalgia. There is no doubt that computers are chemical creations (drawing a circuit board alters the state of it) and I would propose that establishing nostalgia is like the etching of a circuit board in our nervous system. We know that

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Posted on May 14, 2019 by Game Master 5
So here is my news - does it list?

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  • Teddio just found a Gateway Gem Scroll.
  • Teddio just found a Divine Branch.
  • Teddio just found a Divine Leaf.
  • Renegade Skeleton was just killed by a Teddio.
  • Teddio just found a Healing Potion.
  • Teddio just found a Divine Berries.
  • Teddio was just born into existence.

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